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We are an independent hearing clinic that strives to provide a friendly and professional environment to address your hearing and communication needs.  Our focus is on superior personalized service and competitive hearing aid prices.

As an independent clinic, with no alignment to any one manufacturer, we can offer real CHOICE to our clients.  This means we can provide an unbiased opinion on the current hearing aids available in the market and therefore choose the best product for your individual needs.

At Vivid Hearing we will be supportive throughout the entire hearing assessment and hearing aid fitting process and will allow enough personalized time to address your needs, concerns and questions –your success is our priority.

Our Core Principles

  • Personalized care
  • Open communication
  • High standards
  • Honesty

These principles will be used within our clinics to provide you with a quality experience.  We look forward to helping you find solutions.  We have locations in Duncraig and Claremont, no matter what your hearing issue is be sure to give us a call for more information.  We are always happy to help!

To arrange a time to see us, please call or simply enquire online

Claremont P: 9286 1762
Carine P: 9447 6027

Travelling from Duncraig or Cottlesloe?  We are only 10 minutes away!

Competent Audiologist and Hearing Center
Customised Hearing Products and Solutions

Hearing Centres in Perth

one of our hearing aids in duncraigSooner or later, many of us will start to experience loss of hearing or hearing difficulties of one type or another. If you or a family member are in need of help with hearing difficulties and need to find a trustworthy, competent, and professional audiologist, Perth residents need look no further than the Vivid Hearing folks. There are two convenient locations, one at the Claremont Medical Centre in Claremont and the other at the Carine Glades Shopping Centre, Duncraig, WA.

Loss of hearing happens to almost one in six people. It can sneak up on a person gradually until one day the symptoms become noticeable by the individual as well as close family members and people we work with. If you catch yourself asking people to repeat themselves on a frequent basis, or find it difficult to carry on conversations in noisy environments, then you may be suffering from a loss of hearing. Luckily, hearing loss can be helped with today’s hearing aid technologies. Vivid Hearing is an independent Perth audiology centre that specialises in providing customised hearing solutions to hundreds of satisfied customers and we are standing by to help you as well. We will take the time to completely understand your hearing loss issues, work with you to design a solution, and will remain with you through the entire rehabilitation process. All of our Audiologists are university trained and certified. We will continue to offer free consultations and adjustments for a year after the purchase of one of our hearing aids. We also offer free testing to those of you over the age of 55, pensioners as well as DVA clients.

Hearing Clinics Perth

Consolidation over the last half decade has reduced the number of independent hearing clinics operating in Australia. What this means to the consumer is a reduction in choice of hearing products and an increase in the costs. However, when it comes to audiology, Perth consumers should know that Vivid Hearing is a totally independent clinic that can offer its clients a wide range of hearing aid brands such as ReSound, Oticon and Widex, just to name a few. We are not obligated to prescribe a certain type or brand of hearing aid and are more than happy to discuss the pros and cons of each type of product, including their price. This means that you will be guaranteed to receive the hearing aid that is best suited to your specific condition and at a price that is lower than you will find anywhere else.  Our prices are so competitive it may be worth your while to travel to our clinic from Duncraig or Cottlesloe.

If our tests determine that you suffer from mild to moderate high frequency hearing loss, our Micro Open Fit behind the ear model may be the best option. Most of this device is hidden behind your ear while the speaker is held in the ear canal with a silicone dome. These models are almost unnoticeable when worn and the open fit lets you hear lower frequency sounds without the aid of the device, thereby making for a much more comfortable fit than with traditional ear moulds. We offer several other models including remote microphone models and Musician’s, noise, and swim plugs. If you are not happy with your hearing, stop in at Vivid for a free consult and let us help you hear well again.

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